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Posted on 10 January, 2013 at 16:00
Here we will discuss anything that concerns your health, and primarily imbalances in muscular tissue and fascia restrictions. However, since there are many systems within each body, we cannot ignore discussing the influence on/of the organs, cranial bones, and your energetic system.

I practice holistic therapy, and the way I apply this view of treatment is by taking a look at the body as a whole unit instead of focusing exclusively on one body part or on one specific
muscle group.

For example, if you have been plagued with neck pain for years for no obvious reason, you will most likely not be helped by hands-on work on your neck only. By taking your whole body in consideration, and by questioning what you do/don't do, on a regular basis, we can start to paint a picture of when your problem started and where it's coming from. It could be, as crazy as it might sound, that it started with a blow to your head, hip or any other part of your body. It could have been a traumatic event in your life; the stress hormones that were released into your body tightened up the fascia around your head to protect it from re-injury. It also could be from worrying too much. When the body is in a state of fear, toxins accumulate in your system and can put the body in imbalance with muscle spasms, tension, trigger points, and restricted fascia as a result.

At first you won't notice much in your body or feel any pain, but sooner or later (later can mean decades) you feel pain, or you feel discomfort and you have less range of motion when trying to turn your head to the side. You book an appointment to treat your condition and the therapist asks you how it started, and you say: "I have NO idea where this is coming from!"

So, that is why a holistic approach is important when dealing with chronic pain.  If we were to focus on only the body part that is bothering you, we might never solve the problem.

To take a look at your alignment and posture may give a lot of valuable information. Often we'll find evidence of a faulty work position that you have throughout the day. Computer work for several hours a day is one big cause for pulling you out of alignment with improper posture and various feelings of discomfort as a result.

There are times when we work on primarily one body part. For instance if you injured your muscles of the shoulder (often described as Rotator cuff injury) when hitting a volleyball with too much force, we will focus on a particular muscle group to start with. As you feel better it is however important to treat other parts of your body that might have been affected by the injury. Other muscle groups start to compensate for the injured and weaker shoulder and scar tissue builds up in the injury site and in the compensating muscle groups...

In the future, I will discuss health related topics such as:

What can I do on my own to feel better?
When I have an injury, should I use ice or heat?
What is Sciatica and how do I know if I have it?
What is a trigger point and how do they form in my body?
Can I get rid of a trigger point?
What's the difference between acupressure points and trigger points?
Why can abdominal work be important to treat my lower back pain?
What is thoracic outlet syndrome?
How can I treat pain caused by a herniated disk without surgery?
Are there alternatives to surgery?
What is energy work, and does it really work?

Stay tuned in to what's coming next:

How can Neuromuscular and trigger-point work help me?

- Kicki

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The stress hormones that were released into your body tightened up the fascia around your head to protect it from re-injury.