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Kicki's interest in a natural approach to healing the body started at a very young age, while being a gymnast on the Swedish National Team in Rhythmic Sports Gymnastics. The intense training led to various injuries with chronic pain as a result. She has ever since studied and practiced natural healing methods that would avoid surgery.

After Kicki had finished her studies to become a massage therapist in California, she worked on a team with physical therapists in Santa Monica. Later, she continued to explore and learn about the body/ mind/spirit through Feldenkreis, Alexander Technique, and voice work while in acting school in NYC.

She became certified and licensed in massage therapy at LAVI in LA 2005 and have thereafter specialized in Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofacial Release. Kicki has also trained with The Upledger Institute in the US and Sweden in CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Somato Emotional Release. She further has training in Sports massage from The Southbay Massage College in Los Angeles.

Throughout the years, Kicki has experienced the importance of correct alignment and free movements of the body. She therefore decided to add Pilates training to her practice. She has been a certified Classical Pilates Instructor through Jill Cassady's program: The Joseph Pilates Technique, since 2015.

In her free time she loves to dance, hike, and work out; especially in the Pilates or Bikram yoga studio. Learning about our existence as spiritual beings, neuroscience, and medical science, is an addiction. Taking a jog in the sun or the occasional rain is one of her favorite things to do. Helping homeless animals finding a home and keeping plants alive, keep her spirits high.  


Courses and cerfitications completed:

Lymphatic Balancing Total Body, D'Ambrogio Institute, IAHE, March, 2022

Human Neuroanatomy, University of Michigan online, May 22, 2021

Den Reiki Level 3, master level, with Nia Ostrand, Los Angeles, October 3/2020

Den Reiki Level 2, with Nia Ostrand, Los Angeles, September 19/2020

Somato Emotional Release 2, Upledger Institute, San Diego 02/2020

Clinical Application of Craniosacral Therapy, Upledger Institute, Ranchita 06/2018

Visceral Manipulation, Barral Institute, Orange County 12/2016

CST for Cranial Nerves, Upledger Institute, Los Angeles 11/2016

Pilates for Scoliosis, Jillian Hessel, Los Angeles, 03/2015

The Joseph Pilates Technique, Jill Cassidy, Los Angeles 01/2015

Total Body Balancing, Upledger Institute, Los Angeles 07/2012

Somato Emotional Release, Upledger Institute, Sweden 08/2011

Craniosacral Therapy II, Upledger Institute, San Fransisco 12/2010

Craniosacral Therapy I, Upledger Institute, Big Sur, 05/2010

Sports & Rehabilitation, Southbay Massage College, 06/2010

Neuromuscular Therapy and Posture Realignment with Michael Greenspan, 04/2007

Massage Therapy certification program, Los Angeles Vocational Institute, 05/2005

Reiki 1, LAVI, 7/2004

Feldenkreis and Alexander technique, NYC, 2000-2004

BA in Education, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 1992

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Kicki (Katarina) Hjortmarker, CAMTC #18002,

Jill Cassady: The Joseph Pilates Technique


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